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Five quick tips to make your website’s SEO work harder

Five quick tips to make your website’s SEO work harder

26 Jan 2023

SEO can be complex, time consuming and hard to implement, however it’s vital you do the brilliant basics to give your website the best chance of being ranked effectively by Google. Here are five quick tips that you can implement straight away, happy reading!


1. Make sure your website is mobile-responsive and fast! Google web core vital ranks your site higher when it’s optimised across devices and does not take an age to load. The better the user experience, the better you will be ranked, simple!


2. Include a sitemap on your website to help search engines index it more easily. The more complex your sitemap, with navigation menus that don’t align to your services or offering, the worse the impact on your ranking.


3. Use keywords in the title and meta description tags of your pages and content to help search engines understand what the page is about. They can then show it in their results when someone searches for those terms. Don’t be lazy and get tagging, it will pay dividends in the future!


4. Create unique content for each page on your site, rather than duplicating content across multiple pages, or using copy-and-paste from other sites (this is called "duplicate content" and can hurt your SEO).


5. Include internal links within your own site- it will help visitors find other pages they might be interested in learning more about. This can increase engagement with those pages and improve their ranking in search results as well!


Now get to work and get up the SEO leaderboard!


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