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Why your brand should have a mobile app over a website

Why your brand should have a mobile app over a website

22 Mar 2023

We meet so many brands who have the same dilemma. Is a mobile application right for our business and what does it really offer over and above our website, well here is a great breakdown of the benefits of a mobile app and how it can grow your business;

Greater Accessibility: Mobile applications offer greater accessibility than websites. With a mobile app, users can easily access your brand from their smartphones, regardless of their location. They can easily engage with your brand while on the go, making it easier for them to make purchases or access your content.

Enhanced User Experience: Mobile apps can provide a more immersive and engaging user experience than websites. Apps are specifically designed for mobile devices, making use of the device's unique features like the camera, GPS, and touch screen. This allows for a more interactive and personalized experience for users.

Push Notifications: Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications to users, which can help keep your brand top of mind. This feature allows you to send targeted messages directly to users' devices, reminding them of special promotions, new products, or upcoming events.

Increased Brand Loyalty: Mobile apps can help increase brand loyalty by providing users with a more personalized experience. Through features like user accounts and in-app purchases, you can create a sense of community around your brand and reward loyal customers.

Better Data Collection: Mobile apps allow for better data collection than websites. By tracking user behavior within the app, you can gain insights into user preferences, behaviors, and habits. This information can help you better tailor your marketing strategies and improve the user experience over time.

A mobile app may not always be right for your business but if you develop one that keeps the customer at the forefront of all decision making, then the investment can pay real dividends in the future. Director to consumer platforms add real value to your business in terms of intellectual property and essentially build loyalty with your audience.

If you’re thinking about a developing a mobile app, feel free to reach out for a kick off call, we would love to hear more!


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