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Yellow Panther is in the news!

Yellow Panther is in the news!

01 Nov 2022

“Under their CEO’s inspiring leadership, Yellow Panther is all set to become a global brand.”

We are very proud to announce that in October 2022, our CEO, Gunjan Parikh, was featured in Fortune India’s ‘Best CEOs’ edition. Off the back of his feature in Icons of India in September 2022, Yellow Panther is having more than 5 minutes in the spotlight, and it feels great!

Fortune India’s article highlights Gunjan’s inclusive leadership style, explaining “As the founder and CEO, he has stood by his belief that an organisation is as good as its people. […] Gunjan spurs employees at all levels to not only think innovatively but also adopt a customer-first, strategy-led mindset.”

As the year begins to draw to a close, the team here at Yellow Panther have begun to reflect on the successes of 2022. Gunjan’s ‘Best CEOs’ article phrases it wonderfully:

“For most of YP’s existence, the growth was completely organic. Projects won were through word of mouth or recommendations by existing clients once their goodwill was earned. The organic growth motivated Gunjan that YP was here to stay. The growth accelerated when Stuart Cope, co-founder and CMO, rebranded YP and designed a new go-to market strategy which has proved to be tremendously successful. In the last 18-20 months, the team has succeeded in acquiring 42 new clients.”

We are very proud of our achievements so far, and particularly of our CEO Gunjan who deserves all of the praise heaped on him in these two publications. Congratulations, Gunjan!


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