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The Cycling GK

The Brief

The Cycling GK is a dedicated fanbase following former Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster, they've collectively amassed over a million followers across various platforms and also boast the UK's biggest sports podcast 'The Fozcast'. They came to Yellow Panther with a need to harness this support and take their engagement to the next level, we embarked on the ambitious mission of creating a website that could seamlessly 'house' all of their content and shows in one place whilst driving fandom with their audience. Here's how we made it happen!

  • Centralized Hub: They sought a centralised website hub to streamline user access to their diverse social media channels, including YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

  • Our Story Page: To connect with their audience on a personal level, they wanted an "Our Story" page to showcase their journey since 2020, emphasising their rapid expansion.

  • Bikeshed and Rides: Integration of Strava was crucial, allowing fans to explore Ben's favorite cycling routes and purchase recommended products effortlessly.

  • Logged-in Experience: To foster a loyal fan community, the website needed a user registration system. Users could access exclusive discount codes and engage with fellow fans and the Cycling GK team via chat.

  • Announcements and Giveaways: The platform required a user-friendly feature for the management of announcements and giveaways. Users could participate using their Legends Club accounts or provide their data, enhancing engagement.

In summary, Cycling GK's brief was to create an inclusive, engaging online platform. This platform would consolidate their online presence, offer seamless interactivity for fans, and promote community-building and brand growth.









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