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New Client Announcement: Universal Tennis

New Client Announcement: Universal Tennis

18 Oct 2022

Yellow Panther have been chosen by Universal Tennis to redesign and develop their website.

Universal Tennis are revolutionising tennis. They connect tennis players globally through level-based play using the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), innovative events and a digital marketplace. They believe in building new models that break down old barriers, propelled by their love of tennis. They are passionate about improving the experience of players globally who want to develop their skills, have fun and find friendship.

We are thrilled to have been tasked with transforming their current website into one that is not only transparent and informative, but enjoyable and impactful. With educational pages for players, providers, and professionals including enhanced and innovated rankings pages, tournament schedules, resource videos and more, this website is set to be a game-changer.

We are integrating payment systems, embedding eye-catching adverts for their very own app, and revisualising vast amounts of data.

We can’t wait to show you what our partnership produces. 


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